***the path from ME to WE***

Symbols of
Maria Magdalena

Christoph and Sylke are both our angels, we thank them with all our heart for their help. We thank Christoph for creating this homepage and for his technical support. Sylke has transformed our symbol-sketches into these wonderful graphics with a lot of sensitiveness. Sylke is also a painter and who likes to know more about her, may do this on her homepage You can also contact Sylke under her email address: Many thanks!
Till Abele
Ursula Wagner
Wilfried Fink

It is explicitly advised,
that the symbols are considered as help for self-help and they cannot replace a professional diagnosis or treatment through a physician or psychotherapist. The use of the MariMa symbols is in full self-responsibility. The authors do not assume liability of any kind for consequences that are caused directly or indirectly by practice or use of the symbols and information on this homepage.
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